This autumn I’ve been breaking rules; I wanted to take my mono print images (oil-based inks) and bring another dimension by adding screen printed (acrylic-based) detail on top.  Oil and water do not mix, or so they say … but I really like combining printmaking techniques in this way.  It also allowed me to find a way of interpreting a challenging commission from one of my lovely clients.

A Sea Full of Stars

Take a closer look and you’ll discover the sea is full of constellations and way points.  The rich oil based colours provide an intense background for the becalmed yacht.  I printed the background first and scattered white spirit on the plate to give a watery feel to the image and then blocked out the space for the yacht before printing,  The next stage was to print the network of stars in the sea.  Finally the boat was screen printed on top.

The original mono print is at the framers. I’m really excited to pick it up later this week.  It will be available for sale on my website soon!



While I was working on ‘Sea full of Stars’; a commission for one of my clients, it got me thinking more about the Oceans and of course the depressing fact that they are filled with plastic.  I wanted to adapt the undersea network into literally a net full of plastic bottles and rubbish,  For ‘Fragments’ I have built up a mono print background with a screen print for the plastic waste.

I’m hoping to continue this theme further and play with the juxtaposition between a beautiful seascape while uncovering the very ugly plastic debris and nets that lay beneath.  More to follow…

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