Sometimes when I’m moved by a situation or a place I find myself expressing this through my printmaking practice.  It doesn’t alway work out well, but on this occasion when I recently discovered a young man, very close to our family has been diagnose with this serious health condition of Pulmonary Hypertension I found myself wanting to do something.  The result was a series of Screenprints I have called ‘Deep Breath’.

Based on a shoal of fish swirling in the sea, these prints aim to offer the view you may have from underneath the surface.  The image was based on a photograph I took while in Greece during the summer.  All are individually hand printed; some combine hand cut stencils with photo emulsion screens and are mostly in a blue and orange colour way.

50% of the sales from this unframed print will go to PHA. I have called these screenprints ‘Deep Breath’. The name came to me as I wanted to do something to raise a little money for The Pulmonary Hypertension Association (PHA UK).

Price is for an unframed print is £50.  Let me know if you would like it framed and I can advise cost.

Deep Breath Screenprint

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